Our Quality Silk Screen Print Designs Come to You in Living Color                 

The best economical decision from design to production...


Silkscreen printing is perfect


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You can Share, Cheer & Compare -- Silkscreen Printing is Great


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Vivid & Enduring -- Increase your Visibility with

Silkscreen printed PROMOTIONAL Items!

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Build Bonds at School, Work and Play, in Clubs and Worship and more.

Silkscreen for Unity!

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Use on a Variety of Surfaces -- for Signs, Posters, Banners, Ribbons and more.

Express Yourself and Advertise!

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Craighead Silkscreen Printing

We are the right match for you!

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  • Silkscreen printing is perfect 
  • You can Share,  Cheer  &  Compare -- Silkscreen Printing is Great 
  • Vivid & Enduring --  Increase your Visibility with
  • Build Bonds at School, Work and Play, in Clubs and Worship and more. 
  • Use on a Variety of Surfaces -- for Signs, Posters, Banners, Ribbons and more.
  • Craighead Silkscreen Printing
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Craighead Silkscreen Printing Inc.   was founded in 2001 when the owner, after years of working in the industry, was motivated to start his own company in order to provide a service that he believed to be a dying art. That service is best known as   "a personal touch."  

A personal touch is very necessary in the field of silkscreen printing.  When a client is fighting against time in order to have the finest job delivered, it can be a nerve-racking experience.  It is for that reason, we found it necessary to provide a service that assists the clients in making the best economical decision from design to production.Benjamin

Our Guarantee

satisfaction guaranteedOur commitment to our customers has enabled us to attract clients of all sizes. We have worked hard to make them repeat customers with our dedication to their absolute satisfaction.

Paintings by Benjamin


Benjamin Paintings banner

Benjamin's Art Biography

Benjamin found a passion for painting and even attended art school to develop his skill and knowledge. But it was not until the year 2012 that he decided to bring his talents to the world. Here displayed at this site, and for sale, are some of his most prized paintings. Enjoy!


Our Price Quote

craighead silkscreen price quoteOur price quote is tailored to your needs.

Once we have had an opportunity to determine the nature of the product and artwork required, we will promptly provide you with exact prices.

Important Questions for the assessment of your printing needs.

01What is that special item that you would like to have printed? Will you supply it or will you purchase it/them from us?

We encourage you to browse through our catalogs to find just the right item to receive your design or select from our short list of products and provide pertinent details (size, color, dimensions, etc.) when you select the "Request A Price Quote" option. Your choice will influence the price of the work you seek.

02How many pieces would you like to purchase or have printed?

The quantity requested will impact the price. We do offer wholesale prices to resellers.

03What is the size? What is the color?

Please note that standard prices apply to sizes small to extra large. Prices increase for XX large and above. Prices also increase on dark fabrics such as: navy blue, red, black, forest green, purple, etc.

04How intricate is the design of the artwork you would like to have printed?

Our seasoned artists can assist you in designing artwork for print or you may provide your own. The level of complexity of the artwork will be reflected in the price.

05How many colors will be involved in the printing of the artwork?

The number of ink colors will influence the price.

Important to Note:*

  • There is a screen setup charge, a one-time fee, which starts at the base prices of $35 and increases with the number of ink colors and the intricacy of the design of the artwork.
  • A 50% deposit is required on all orders with the Total balance due upon delivery.
  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

A Short List of Products

  • Visors

    In various colors

  • Sweat Shirts
    Sweat Shirts

    Cotton/poly blends.  In all colors and sizes

  • Posters

    Customized with your special content

  • Banners

    Various materials and dimensions

  • Tote Bags
    Tote Bags

    Nylon or 100% heavy cotton canvas.  Available in many colors

  • Henleys

    In all colors and sizes

  • T-Shirts

    Choose from 100% cotton or cotton/poly blend.

  • Jackets

    Nylon or cotton in sizes: SM to 3X.  All colors available.

  • Industrial Uniforms - Overalls
    Industrial Uniforms - Overalls

    In various sizes and colors

  • Tank Tops
    Tank Tops

    100% contton in various styles and colors

  • Buttons

    Great for Team Building and Special Occasions!

  • Bags, Backpacks & More
    Bags, Backpacks & More

    Selection of bags and other carrying cases

  • Polo shirts
    Polo shirts

    100% comb or pique cotton, and cotton blends.  In all colors and sizes

  • Lunch Boxes & Other Cases
    Lunch Boxes & Other Cases

    Containers for various uses

  • Sweat Suits
    Sweat Suits

    Cotton/poly blends. In all colors and sizes

  • Ladies Sleep Shirts
    Ladies Sleep Shirts

    100% cotton in various styles and colors.

  • Uniforms

    In various sizes and colors

  • Umbrellas

    Personalize your own. Great for bonding and promotions.

  • Caps and Hats
    Caps and Hats

    5 and 6 panel.  Available in all colors and sizes

  • Promotional Products
    Promotional Products

    A wide selection of promotional items

  • Braided Trim Jerseys
    Braided Trim Jerseys

    In all colors and sizes

  • Small Signs
    Small Signs

    In various dimensions 

  • Cup, Mugs & More
    Cup, Mugs & More

    In various styles

  • Women's Sportswear
    Women's Sportswear

    Available in various styles, colors and sizes

  • Children's Active-Wear
    Children's Active-Wear

    Cotton Tees, 50/50 blend sweat shirts, etc. Imn various colors and sizes

  • Aprons

    In various  styles

  • Infant Creepers
    Infant Creepers

    Cotton.  Available in various colors and children's sizes

  • Bumper Stickers
    Bumper Stickers

    Various dimensions

  • Ribbons

    Various styles and colors; for all occasions

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