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Frequently asked questions about our Silkscreen Printing services.

Yes.  We require a 50% downpayment on all jobs.  The remainder of the cost is payable upon delivery.

Generally, our turn-around time is 7 days.  More intricate jobs may require us to dedicate additional time to complete your order to your utmost satisfaction.

There is a silkscreen setup fee with a base price of $USD 35 (and higher depending upon the number of colors and the intricacy of the artwork).  You become the owner of the screen and you may keep it at your discretion.  However, we have found that many of our customers prefer to leave the screen with us to make it available for future job requests.

  1. The dictionary notes:
  2. Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate.

You can use up to 4 main colors and their combinations.  The various blends and combinations give silkscreen printing very detailed and vivid results.

At our site, we offer various methods for initiating an order.  

  1. You can make a selection from one of our catalogs, then request  a price quote from the link in the catalog.  Please make sure to add a complete description of the work required before submitting the form.  
  2. You can also click on our "Request a Price Quote" link where you can access our Product List. Make a selection and be sure to write all the details of the job in the comment section.
  3. Use our "Contact Us" form to tell us all about the job you have in mind.

If we already have your artwork or logo on file, it's easier to proceed.  If not, we are available to create the desired artwork to your specification. Please be sure to note the details when you contact us.  You can also upload your artwork or email it to us.

After a quote has been offered, to initiate a job, a deposit of 50% of the established cost is required.  We can provide the necessary items for printing (including garment, signs, promotional items, etc,), but if you already have your printable items, we can perform the silkscreen printing as requested.


Sure, we welcome your creative input.

There is no minimum; or at least, there is a minimum of one item.  We do bulk printing, but we also provide services to the individual who only wants one item printed. 

Yes. We accept rush jobs and can usually deliver the product in  less than 7 days.  However, there is a 20% fee associated with a rush job.  And we ask that our customers call ahead to allow us an opportunity to adequately schedule the job.


We offer both options.  We do provide garments or other items to be printed.

 ~ Check Our Online Catalogs! ~

We also accept  the items our customers supply for printing.

If your project has to be shipped, the shipping costs will be added. 

Questions frequently asked about Benjamin's paintings and frames.

Each painting is individually priced.  Prints are on sale for all paintings displayed.  You must call or contact us (via contact form, shopping cart or email) to request price for individual paintings.

To view the paintings collection 

  1. Select "Our Showcase" from the menu
  2. Then select "Paintings by Benjamin" to view the collection
  3. Once you opt to buy, pricing will be listed.

Yes.  Prints are available for sale in two sizes.

Dimensions are listed height first then width if not otherwise specified.

We do our best to make sure that the images are displayed as accurately as possible.  Please keep in mind that variations in screen resolution, browsers and brightness may affect the way the artwork is displayed on your device.

We offer several options for placing an order or for making an inquiry about a painting.


  1. Visit our collection of paintings (Select "Paintings by Benjamin") and click on the desired painting.  Add to your shopping cart to request a print or note that you are interested in original painting for price quote.
  2. Use our "Request a Price Quote" option to contact us via order form.
  3. Use our Contact form or telephone number to contact us more directly.


Yes.  If you would like to have a custom painting made, please use our contact page or number to make the request.

Yes. We welcome your telephone orders.

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